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Every time a person opens their heart to a stranger they reaffirm the love that unites humanity.

Intimacy is the gift that bonds us to one another.  We understand our similarities and can acknowledge our differences in the process of sharing ourselves.  We can see how similar we are, and in seeing we gain strength.

Too often we hold back from telling, and showing others who we really are, fearing they may think less of us if they know the person we hide within.

Only the experience of self-revelation can assure us that others won't think less of us.  Our unity with another is possible only if we share the person who lives within.

I hope my work communicates the complete joy I feel at being here.  If I have managed to express that ... if I've managed to touch just one other soul, this shall be further evidence to the wonder and glory of the life we've all been given.  To that, I give all praise and glory to our precious Lord.

As Mark Twain once said ... to get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.  My wish is for that joy to reach to infinity!
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